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Week Commencing 8th February

Sending a smile from Ladywood Staff

Good Morning


This week, we are learning about the celebration of 'Chinese New Year'

  • Listen to the information below about Chinese New Year and draw something that people do to celebrate.
  • Listen to the story below about how Chinese New Year started. Can you remember any of the animals in the story? Draw as many animals as you can.
  • Draw/paint/create your Chinese Zodiac. 
    • If you were born in the year 2018, you are a dog.
    • If you were born in the year 2017, you are a rooster.
    • If you were born in the year 2016, you are a monkey.
    • Can you look to find out what other people in your families Chinese Zodiac animal is? 
  • Listen to the create your own fortune video. Can you think of something you you want or wish for?


This week, we are learning about 2D shapes.

  • Have a look at the shape pictures.
    • Can you recognise and name any of the shapes?
    • Can you describe where the shapes are? eg next to, on etc
  • Have a look at the shape I Spy
    • What shapes can you see?
    • How many of each shape can you see?
    • Can you make some marks to represent how many you can see


This Half Term, we are learning about Alliteration

  • Think of the sound that your name begins with. Can you think of other words that begin with the same sound as your name?
    • Draw a picture of yourself and other objects.
  • Think of the different things you can buy at a supermarket. Can you think of items that begin with the same sound as your name.
    • Think of other people in your family. Think of things that begin with the same sound as their name eg mum buys milk, magazines and margarine. 



If you have a bean bag at home then you can use a bean bag. If you do not have one then a small ball or rolled up pair of socks will work fine.

  • Try to balance the bean bag on different parts of your body when you are standing still eg your knee, hand etc
  • Try to balance the bean bag on different parts of your body whilst walking around the room eg head, elbow etc
  • Can you walk backwards or sidewards whilst balancing your bean bag on your body?
  • Can you throw the bean bag in the air?
    • Let the bean bag hit anywhere on the floor
    • Try to catch your bean bag.
    • Aim for a hoop/box/basket and try to get your bean bag in


Our song to learn for the next two weeks is 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'. Please practise singing this song and try to copy all of the actions.

Mark Making

If you are beginning to do so please remember to practise to copy the letters in your name. For everyone else, please practising drawing anticlockwise circles and lines with pencils, crayons, chalk, sand and a stick, paint or water and paintbrushes. This helps us to develop our muscles so that we can begin to write when we are ready.

Have a look at the webpage below to remind yourself of some of the large circles we have done in class before.