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To all our lovely families, 


This would have been our last week at school and although this year has been very different, Mrs Hawkridge and I just wanted to write you all a little message. We have absolutely loved getting to know each and every one of you this year. You have made us incredibly proud to be your teachers. Thank you for trying your best and continuing to do so during your time at home. We have enjoyed seeing all your amazing home learning and receieing photos and work. We would also like to thank you, as parents and carers, for being so supportive this year. 


Have a wonderful summer and we will see you all in September!


Love from Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge


Week Commencing 6th July 2020


Hello.  We hope that you are all still safe and well.  It's been another busy week at school and at home.


If you haven't already done so, please read the newsletter this week as it gives you all the information that we have for September and the return to school for all year groups.   


In school we've still been sorting the classroom!  It is taking a while for us to sort our resources properly so that everything is safe for September but it is looking like a really good learning environment.  Mrs Ledger has done an amazing job and I'm hoping to help her more this week.  


I've been working with Key Worker children this week.  They have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  We've enjoyed sharing stories, literacy, maths and creative work.  I think my favourite session was when we went in the forest to find sticks to make our own Stick Man inspired by Julia Donaldson's story.  


At home we've been helping our daughter get ready to move out!  A big thing for me, but the right thing for her.  I'm looking forward to being able to go and visit; she said she would make me beans on toast for tea but it will be a cup of tea and a biscuit in the garden for now.  That leaves me with the boys!  Cars, cycling and far too much football!


If you haven't collected your child's report and school work could you please do so.  You can collect from reception, please give school a call before you collect as we don't want lots of people on site at the same time.


Take lots of care.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can help with.


Mrs Hawkridge and Mrs Ledger 



Week Commencing 29th June



Another week has flown by!  In school we have welcomed the key worker children, families of children starting in EYFS in September and Mrs Ledger and Mrs Lindley spent the week in one of the year 6 bubbles!  There's obviously a big difference from Year 1 to Year 6; they all had a good week and I think the children enjoyed spending time with staff they used to work with lower down in school.  


We have been preparing for everyone coming back to school in September; working in a 'bubble'.  All children that have been in school have worked hard, had fun and have adapted to the changes really well.  Hopefully this has given people the confidence and reassurance that they need as we all come back together in September.


At home we've been busy.  My husband, daughter and I have been busy working.  My son done some amazing voluntary work this week and I think he'll be doing it for a while!  He has been sanding down and painting lots of garden furniture for a sheltered accommodation communal garden.  It has taken him a long time to do but the residents are so pleased with him and are getting a lot of enjoyment from how it has improved the garden - which is already amazing, filled with lots of summer flowers.  


Take lots of care and please don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything we can help with.


Mrs Hawkridge and Mrs Ledger




Week commencing 22nd June 2020

Hello to all our lovely families!

I can't believe that we are at the end of yet another week. Last week we welcomed back some of our lovely year ones. We had a fabulous week in school and all the children coped and adapted so well to the new routines and the very different looking classroom. A massive well done to you all! If you were at home last week, we have loved receiving the lovely pictures and seeing how well you have all been completing the work that we have set.


We have been busy adding some new learning to our website for the coming weeks. We have added a full geography topic- we would have been doing this during the summer term. There are series of 6 lessons so it's up to you if you do them all as a project or a couple a week. We have also added a mini history topic- again, this is a series of lessons. For maths and literacy, we have added the next weekly pack that will follow on from the ones that we printed off for you. Or, if you wish you can use the lessons on Oak National Acadamy or BBC Bitesize as these require little or no printing and therefore, may be easier to use and access. There are also new Thrive, science and PE lessons and ideas for you to be having a go at too. Keep up with your fabulous reading on Bug Club but also keep reading other books too. It has been lovely to see so many of you reading at home! Keep practising your phonics too. All of the websites are accessible through our class page. Keep practising all phase 3, 4, and 5 sounds. 


We have had another busy week. Harry, Owen and Annie have continued to enjoy their time at school on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Annie has been drawing and painting every day and I now have about 20 pictures of minibeasts! Owen has been woring hard in the mornings at his school and then enjoying time outside playing games in the afternoons. Harry is very busy doing his tricky year 7 work and I am really proud of the way he has been trying his very best this week. The weather has been so lovely and hot so we have spent the evenings in the garden most days. Mrs Hawkridge and I have been very busy sorting out our classroom and getting work ready for you all. 


We hope you have all had a lovely week. Make sure you check our pictures because we have added a few more. It is always lovely to see what your friends have been getting up to. 


As always, take care and stay safe!


Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge x



Week commencing 15th June 2020

Hello everyone, 


I have been so happy to welcome back some of our lovely year ones today! The children have loved being in their bubbles today and have adjusted to our new 'normal' really well. Some children have been in a bubble with Miss Jackson and they have been superstars! 


There are lots of activities in your packs to support your learning at home if you are not in school this week. Please remember to send photos to myself and Mrs Hawkridge so we can see all your amazing work.  Keep logging into Bug Club too and practising your phonics on Phonics Play and Bloom Phonics. 


We have had a really busy week at my house. Harry, Owen and Annie have all been back to school in their key worker bubbles so we have had to get used to getting up and out of the house early again. Mr Ledger has been in charge because I have been at school in the foundation stage bubble. We have also enjoyed meeting up with grandparents, socially distanced in our group of 6, for a walk along the canal by our house. The children have loved this.  


Have a lovely week everyone.

Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge xx


Week Commencing 8th June 2020


Hello everyone.  We hope that you are all well and staying safe.  


This week we have welcomed to school the nursery and reception children.  Me and Mrs Ledger worked in our 'bubble' with amazing children.  They worked so hard and we really enjoyed spending some time getting to know them.  Everything went well with our meticulous Covid 19 planning for the school site and the children adapted to changes so quickly, they were absolutely amazing.  We are really looking forward to welcoming the Year 1 children this week, everything is set up ready and waiting for you to arrive and I'm sure we'll have a brilliant week.


At home we've been trying to build a deck in the garden so that we have somewhere to sit in the sun.  This has been tricky! First of all no decking in the country!  It has been like a treasure hunt trying to find all the parts we need but I think we are almost there; so hopefully we will get some lovely weather in the summer to sit out and enjoy the sun.


We've sent more birthday cards to our family and friends celebrating in lock down and we've been helping our family and friends with shopping.   


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help you with anything at all; stay safe and we hope to see you soon.


Mrs Hawkridge and Mrs Ledger x x 


Week Commencing 1st June 2020

It has been lovely to speak with you this week.  It really does feel like a long time now since we were last altogether.  It has been brilliant to hear that you are doing well in the circumstances but please don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything that we can help you with.  We know that some of the children are getting a bit bored at times.  When my children were young it used to take me longer to get them things ready to play with than they spent on the activity.  I think some of you will be feeling like this at the moment.  Playdough was definitely a favourite; there are recipes online to make your own.  Lego was also another toy that they loved, often building what they wanted to rather than how it's often sold in the kits now.  The best toy by far was always a cardboard box!  I know some of you have been playing with boxes and creating all kinds of fun things to play with.  From building dens to finding things to fit in the smallest box, there are lots of things that you can do.  


I finally got to see the new baby in our family.  I saw her through the car window!  I don't think that I'll ever forget that, usually when you get to meet a new member of the family you get to give them a big hug.  Hopefully we'll be able to do that soon.  I've seen my mum too, which was funny because we were sat that far apart that we were almost shouting at each other to have a conversation!  Jack has been doing a few jobs around the house for me, which is fantastic and appreciated and Katie and my husband have been working hard as key workers, dealing with challenging issues at times as I know many of you have too. 


The Year 1 home learning packs are ready and waiting to be collected.  We have been given the slot of Monday 8th June between 9.30 and 10.00 for collection in order to manage social distancing.  Electronic versions of the packs are also online in the usual place - Children - Homework - Year 1.


If you haven't already done so, could you please confirm whether your child will be at school week commencing Monday 15th June?  If they are not in school we will continue to put things online and will be contactable in the usual ways.   


Have a good week.  Stay safe and take care.


Mrs Hawkridge and Mrs Ledger


Week commencing 25th May 2020

Hello again to our lovely families!

We hope you have had a fabulous week- the sun has been shining every day and it has been very hot! It should have been half term for us so we hope you have enjoyed a bit of relaxing time too. Tomorrw (Monday 1st June) the Government have decided to ease the lockdown further and allow us to meet outside in groups of six- still socially distanced. I am really looking forward to going for a walk with my mum and dad. I have really missed them. 

We are pleased that you are still accessing your online learning and Bug Club especially. Keep going and remember to send us your photos! 

This week we have added more under the maths, literacy, Thrive, geography, PE and science headings for you to be having a go at. As always, just email us if you have any questions. 

My house has been quite relaxed this week- the children have spent lots of time in the garden. We have also been for some lovely walks with Maggie (our dog) but we have tried to go in the evening because she is very old and gets tired easily. I have read two books this week and I am waiting for a new one to be delivered today so I am hoping to read that this coming week. Owen also treated his hamster, Bobby, to a new cage yesterday. It has a really long tunnel and some stairs- he is very happy with his new home! See if you can spot Bobby in the pictures. Maggie is on one too!


We always seem to have busy weeks... I had a lovely birthday, a lockdown birthday like lots of you have been having.  The weather was good and we had some delicious food!  I was very lucky and received some very nice gifts and cards from my family and friends. I have been doing lots of gardening and remembering to water my plants.  I am really looking forward to meeting a new baby in our family which I haven't been able to do yet.  She has a little sister who doesn't know how to social distance so I couldn't meet them in a park.  I'm meeting them at their home, they will be in their garden and I'll stand at the other side of the gate!  I can't wait until I'll be able to give her a hug and take her to the park.  


Mrs Hawkridge and I will be phoning you all this week too so by Friday you will all have been called. We are looking forward to speaking to you again.

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs Hawkridge and Mrs Ledger 


Week Commencing 18th May 2020


Hello everyone!


We hope that you are all okay and staying safe.

We have had another busy week in school continuing to prepare school for opening on Tuesday 2nd June for our year 1 class.  If you won't be coming back we will continue to keep in touch by telephone and email as we have been doing, don't forget you can send us photographs of what you have been up to.  We are also preparing home learning packs that can be collected from school after the holiday - we'll be in touch with a collection date soon.


I've been doing more work on the history curriculum, especially about castles and what seaside holidays were like in the past.  Maybe you could have a look online at Pontefract Castle or Sandal Castle and find some facts out about them.  They are brilliant places to visit when we can and they are in our local area.  We have been on some lovely long walks in the evening, which we have all really enjoyed.  My Aunt had a special birthday this week, she was supposed to be going on holiday to celebrate but she couldn't go.  I left her some birthday treats on her door step.  She phoned me later to say thank you and that she had had a good day.  I've done some volunteering work for the NHS, phoning people in isolation to check that they are okay.  It has been lovely to speak to different people who have been telling me lots about their lives and how they are managing with the Coronavirus restrictions.     My daughter has been baking and delivering delicious cupcakes to our neighbours.  I've been really lucky and had some amazing home baking recently, Mrs Ledger has a secret recipe for amazing cookies we'll have to ask her to make us some one day.


Mrs Ledger

I have been busy this week helping mychildren with their school work as well as working hard on the maths and computing curriculum for our school. Harry, Owen and Annie have enjoyed all the fun activities that their teachers have set for them this week. Harry had to read some interesting facts about bees and then answer some questions about what he had read. I learnt some interesting facts too. Did you know that bees had careers? They have different jobs withing their colonies. I also found out that a honey bee can fly for up to six miles, and as fast as 15 miles per hour! I wonder if you can find out any facts about bees to tell me? After that Harry had a task to make a bug hotel for our garden. Annie wanted to help and together they made a great home for bugs. I have added some photos for you to have a look at and a video to show you how to make one if you fancy a challenge. If you make one please send me your pictures so that I can share them. 

We have also enjoyed being able to drive to have our walks. Luckily, we have gone when places haven't been too busy. 


Have a good weekend.  Take lots of care and stay safe.


Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge   





If you want to make a bug hotel like ours, here is the link. 

Week commencing 11.05.20

Hello everyone!

We hope you have had a lovely week this week. We have been very busy as a school this week working through all the new guidance that the Government have been releasing. As a school, we will share these plans with you as soon as we can. If you do have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us via email and we will try and answer any concerns or questions you may have. We understand that this is a difficult time and that things continue to change all the time but we are here to help, should you need it. 

This week has been the first week that we have been allowed to drive to go for a walk. As a family, it has meant that we have been able to visit places that we haven't seen for a long time. The last time the children had been in the car was the 23rd of March so you can imagine how excited they were! Even though we are now all allowed to do this, we still need to adhere to social distancing when out and about so have been making sure we don't go anywhere too busy. We have had some lovely walks, mainly in the evenings. We found a very strange looking tree that, of course, we had to climb! Annie and Owen also enjoyed rolling down the hill- I still love this too!

Harry has been building his Harry Potter Lego this week, which has kept him very busy. Annie has had a very exciting week too because she has received her welcome letter ready to start full time school. So it's been a super busy week in the Ledger house! 


We have had another busy week too in the Hawkridge house.  Jack has been out and about on his bike more now that he is allowed to do so.  He cycled to Emley Moor, then to Penistone and then back home.  He goes a bit too fast for my liking and is always trying to improve his speed on his regular circuits.  He then spent a long time cleaning his bike - it looks like new.  Katie has had to move out of her student accommodation - well that was a job!  So she is back with us - which I really like - but I think Katie has enjoyed doing her own thing in her own home.  My husband had to stay away one night in a hotel for his job this week.  That was very strange.  He had to show his key worker letter to be able to stay.  He couldn't go anywhere obviously, and he was very grateful to hotel staff for bringing him some food to his room.  I've been doing lots of school work - especially working on the history curriculum - it has been so interesting finding resources for us to use to learn more about the history of our local area.  I almost forgot, we've had fantastic homemade banana bread and carrot cake this week - delicious treats that have kept us going.  I've sent a little gift to a member of my family,  she doesn't live locally and I've not seen her since before Christmas.  She is a key worker looking after elderly people and she has been working so hard.  We are really proud of her and grateful for the work she is doing, along with everyone else who is looking after us all at the moment.  


We love to see your activities too so please remember to email us with all the exciting things you have been doing too. 

Have a good week everybody!

Love from Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge 


Week commencing 4.5.20

Hello everyone!

What a lovely week we have had with the beautiful weather! We hope you are all well and have managed to enjoy the sunshine with your lovely families. We have had a great week here. The children have enjoyed lots of time in the paddling pool and we have had quite a few water fights! Annie had a lovely delivery from her best friend, who she is missing very much. It really cheered her up after asking when she was going to see her friends again.

We had a lovely day on Friday celebrating VE Day. We made scones and had an afternoon tea party in our garden. 

Last night, (Saturday) we put the tent up in the garden and pretended that we were on a little holiday. It was very cosy but unfortunatly the wind woke us up and we didn't last all night and had to come inside at 3.30am!

We hope you have enjoyed our book week, don't forget to send us any photos of you in your reading dens. 

This week (week commencing 11.5.20) you will have the maths and literacy sheets that were in your packs. (These are dated) The maths is 'week 3' on the White Rose site if you wanted to watch the videos to support. The sheets are also in the maths folder, incase you needed another. We have also added the literacy that we sent, some computing, geography, Thrive and a new PE challenge. Like always, try your best and if you are stuck or need any help just email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

We will be ringing round you all this week for a chat and to see how you all are. Some of you may get a phone call on Monday and some of you on Friday. We are looking forward to speaking to you all again!

From Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge 


Week commencing 27.4.20

Hello again everyone!

We hope you have had a lovely week. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been as nice but we hope you have still managed to get a bit of fresh air. The fresh air certainly helps us on those tough lockdown days. We are really proud of all of you who have been accessing Bug Club at home. Mrs Hawkridge and I have been having a nosey at the books you have been reading so well done!

Next week, is our school book week and you all should have received your very own book. We wrote a little message inside for you and hope you enjoy reading them. In your pack, ,you will find book week activities to support you with your learning. As well as the activities in your packs we have made a 'book week' folder for you to access some maths, science and Thrive activites. All the activities this week are book related so are altogether in this folder.  We can't wait to see what you have all been up to. Don't forget to email us, with your grown ups, so we can see your amazing work. 

We've had another busy week at my house. Some days have been tricky and Owen and Harry haven't always wanted to do their work but we have muddled through and, with the help of lots of breaks and snacks, managed to do most of their learning tasks.  We are all missing our family and friends so have tried to chat to them on Zoom a few times. It is nice to see them and chat safely. We have also done lots of baking and cooking this week. We have enjoyed making cookies, star biscuits and pizza. Annie has been practising some phonics and counting this week ready for starting full time school in September. She is excited that she will be going to Owen's school with him. Even though the weather has been a bit cooler, we have managed to get out for a walk most days. Here's a few pictures as I know you enjoy seeing what we are up to.

We've had another busy week too.  Me and Mr Hawkridge have been doing lots of work from home and so have Katie and Jack.  Katie is writing assignments for her university course so we're all on laptops at the moment.  We had to take our dog to the vets, he needed to have an operation on his ear.  He is doing fine and he wasn't given a cone to wear around his collar which is a relief because he definitely wouldn't like that!  The social distancing was tricky, we had to wait in our car until the vet came out to see us. 

Captain Tom Moore's birthday was on 1st May.  We sent him cards, as I know some of you did too, and enjoyed watching the news and seeing all his cards on display.  We tried to look for ours but there was no way we could find it.  The Queen has now made him a Honorary Colonel, so he is now Colonel Tom Moore.  What a real inspiration he is.     

Have a lovely book week and most of all enjoy reading!

Love from Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge


Week commencing 20.4.20

A massive hello to all of our lovely year 1 families!

I can't believe we are at the end of yet another week! This week started with Mrs Hawkridge and I speaking to lots of you on the phone. We really enjoyed talking to your grown ups about how you are getting on but the highlight was definitely speaking to our gorgeous children. We loved listening to tales of adventurous walks in the woods, games in the garden and all the different activities that you have been getting up to. It is also great to hear so many of you are accessing the learning tasks that we are updating weekly. Lots of you said that you were really enjoying Bug Club and Phonics Play. Remember, if you lose your password, we can send it to you via email.

We have been busy this week too. Mr Ledger was the teacher on Monday, whilst I was in school and I am pleased to say that Harry , Owen and Annie were great students for him! They even got time to go for a lovely, safe walk. 

The weather has been really super this week, so we have been trying to get out into the garden as much as possible. We have also done lots of science work together. Owen made a lava lamp, Harry baked a cake to show different colours and Annie has been building dens again but this time in the garden with Maggie! We have also 'grown a rainbow' which was a lot of fun!


Mrs Hawkridge has had a busy week too.  Mr Hawkridge has been working from home lots too, so it feels like our home is an office at the moment.  I know a few families are finding this tricky to do but we've been managing okay at the moment.  Jack has been painting the fence a few panels at a time and is doing a brilliant job.  I'm really pleased because it is a job that has needed doing for a long time.  Katie has been working hard on university assignments and pampering us all because she works part-time for Body Shop! I've enjoyed spending time with my family playing games, watching TV and going for some lovely sunny walks.  We've been helping out with shopping for our family too.    My favourite part of the week was speaking to you all on the phone - it was so lovely to speak to you and hear about all the lovely things you have been up to.  


We hope you have a lovely weekend with your families. Look out for a little surprise coming through the post next week. We hope you will like it. 

Take care and keep safe!

Lots of love from Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge


Our lava lamp

Still image for this video

Week commencing 13th April 2020

A big hello to all of our lovely children and families!

We hope you have had a lovely week in the sunshine. We have enjoyed receiving all of your photos again this week. It really is great to see you all keeping safe and well in your own homes and gardens. Mrs Hawkridge and I really do miss you all but we love that we can stay in touch via e mail, so a massive thank you to you all! We will be phoning for a chat with you and your grown ups tomorrow. (Monday 20.4.20) We are looking forward to being able to talk a little bit more about how you are getting on. 

I have had a very busy week at home this week. Harry, Owen and Annie have had the 'Easter holidays' and have loved playing in the garden, baking and just spending time with each other. They have been using all my cushions and blankets to build dens and snuggle up to watch films. They have also been reading their favourite books. Owen is reading all the David Walliams books again because he finds them very funny! Annie's favourite book at the moment is her book of fairytales. Last night we read, 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses'. Have you read that one?

We have had a very special birthday in our house too this week. It was Mr Ledgers special birthday, and although, we couldn't do all the exciting things we had planned, we enjoyed a barbecue in the garden followed by a yummy chocolate cake! 

Miss Ducker has had a busy week too. She has been painting and relaxing in the sun with her cats this week. She has painted a giraffe! She has also been doing some Just Dance and has baked a delicious carrot cake too! Miss Ducker has really enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful photos on here and wants you to know that she has been thinking about you and missing you and is looking forward to seeing you all again soon. 

On our class homework page there are some new activities for you to be getting on with this week. They are in the maths, literacy, geography, thrive, PE, science and computing folders. 


We will look forward to speaking to you all this week.

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge xxx

Week commencing 6th April 2020

Hello again to all our lovely families!

We hope that you are enjoying what would have been the Easter holidays! There are a few more fun and practical activities in the 'Easter 2' link on our homework page if you want to try any. We are loving seeing all of your photos! It would be lovely if you could all send something to Mrs Hawkridge or I so that we can share them on our page and with each other. It doesn't have to be work, we love to see how creative you are all becoming at home too. I bet there will be lots of baking happening this week after Easter. I know, in my house, we have lots of chocolate that we could use to bake. I think we will try rice crispie buns this week as we have got all the ingredients in the house already. I have spoken to Mrs Hawkridge lots on the phone this week and we have been saying how much we miss you all, but, are also glad that we are all keeping ourselves safe. We have been busy sorting activities for you all for next week as well as enjoying time, at home, with our families too. 

Have a lovely week and we will look forward to hearing from you. 

Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge xxx

Rainbow driveway and Easter bonnets for Annie this week. 

Week commencing 30th March 2020

Hello to all our lovely year 1 children and their families!

We hope you have had another lovely week at home with your families. Thank you to everyone who has sent Mrs Hawkridge and I photos. It certainly looks like you have managed to get a good balance between completing a bit of school work and doing some lovely creative activities. Your dinosaurs were amazing- well done! 

A massive shout out to the 13 children that have been regularly reading and answering questions on Bug Club this week. If you have lost your log in or can't remember it, remember you can email us to ask. 

I have had a very busy week. We have spent our mornings doing the White Rose Maths lessons, reading and writing. Owen wrote a letter to me to try and convince me to give him more Xbox time! It was very convincing! We have also enjoyed the daily workouts with Joe Wicks. We have set up an assault course in the garden, which was lots of fun. As promised we have baked buns and cake too. 

It would have been the Easter holidays this week, so we hope you manage to find time to relax with your families. We have added a few lovely craft ideas on the website if you wanted to have a go at them over Easter too. 

Take care and stay safe everyone! 

Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge xxx

Baking, excerise, planting, Lego and writing! A busy week at Mrs Ledger's house!

Hi everyone,

We hope you have enjoyed your first week at home. We know it may seem a little bit strange at the moment and that some of you will be missing seeing your friends and teachers but we need to remember that we are doing this to keep each other safe. Mrs Hawkridge and I have been busy this week putting new activities on the website ready for next week. We have also emailed your parents and carers to let them know how you are doing at school. 

There are lots of activities that you can be completing on our website. However, we understand that you may be getting used to being at school at home so don't worry if some days you only do a couple of things. You can also use this time to make dens, build, play in the garden, make models and bake as well as lots of other things! We have loved seeing some of your lovely photos. Feel free to email them to Mrs Hawkridge or I and we'll pop them on here so we still get to see our friends. 

This week has been a bit strange for me too. When I haven't been at school, I have been teaching Harry, Owen and Annie. Harry's maths is very tricky now as he is in year 7! We have also played in the garden a lot. The boys have been teaching Annie how to throw and catch a ball properly. We have also enjoyed making rainbows for our windows. If you have done this too we would love to see them! 

Next week we plan on doing some baking so I will put some photos on for you all to see. 


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs Hawkridge via email. 


Take care all of you. 


Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge

Annie's rainbow for our window. 

A message from Miss Ducker

Miss Ducker has asked me to tell you all how lovely it is to see your pictures  and hopes that you are all enjoying quality time at home. She really misses you all and is looking forward to hearing all about what you have been doing. 

Miss Ducker x