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Weekly update

w/c 18th May

Well done on your amazing SATS week!

First of all congratulations to Loui on his amazing well deserved award from Leeds United.

This week I was in school working on reports on Tuesday and ringing parents parents on Wednesday. It was really lovely to see the children who were in school on those days. On Friday i was in school looking at logistics for a return on the 1st of June. More information for this will be given when we know the finer details of this. On Friday I also ordered some food from Miss Stubbs which was delicious. 

Saturday was an interesting day as I went up to the cricket club for a hit with my one friend i am allowed and on the way home my tyre popped so I had to drive slowly to my mum's friends to park the car overnight before I could get it fixed on Sunday.

This week I have sent out arithmetic for maths as we haven't done any of this yet and the story of the octopus is to continue. I have put these online so if you need to print them out they are in the literacy page. 

Well done and thank you for you continued hard work. 


Mr B


w/c 11th May


Wow! how warm has it been this week? I hope you have had a good week and enjoyed the bank holiday and are ready for your SATS this week! My hair is starting to look like Boris Johnson's and growing in every direction and hard to control.

I hope you have enjoyed the VE celebrations and the sun as well as sampling Miss Stubbs's food!

We had everyone out on the street in their own gardens singing and dancing which was great to see the community spirit even in these times.

I was in school on Thursday working on reports and sending a text out regarding transition. I hope you all received this and have started to order uniforms ready for September. The deadline looks like it is on Friday so if you haven't sorted yours ask your parents to look on the tab on our homework page.

This week with regards to work I have put on the work I sent out in the packs on the maths and literacy tabs as well as a comprehension for RE.

Have a great week everyone, stay safe and stay active.


Mr Bowering

W/C 4th May


Another week down in lock down. This week I have been in school working with a child one day as well as contacting other parents. In the other times i have been sorting out documents for Shafton as well as completing some reports and looking at DATA. I have also been watching plenty of films and lots of baking as it was my dad's birthday last week so we had a zoom quiz with family and friends. 

You should now have received work packs for week 3 , 4 and 5. If you haven't received these please let me know and I will send them out again. 

Thank you for the work that has been sent to me, I have put the work on the website and have given feed back as much as I can. 


Hope you are all well and staying safe 


HI All, 

An update from Mr B; 

Hope you are all having a lovely time at home and staying in and staying safe. It seems an age since we closed the school partially two weeks ago. 

In week one we were still in school and we rang all parents to check in and make sure you all knew where the work was and how to access it.  

Week two has seemed an age but it has been broken up by seeing some of the work you have been putting in at home which i have started to edit and send back for improvements. If you have any pictures or work to show me please don't hesitate to send it over. 

I have been constantly changing the website and doing lots of work on the P.E curriculum as well as starting to write reports.

As well as this, i have been for a couple of walks to just get out of the house, managed to complete Pokemon Shield, finish reading the third Harry Potter we have been reading in class and watch the Netflix Sunderland documentary all very fun.



Mrs Battye and Miss Stubbs look like they have been having fun times on long walks with Quinn and Mr Battye and Ralf learning how to balance on his bike as well as practising his football skills. He may be as good as our very own Kalvin Phillips (Loui)  soon enough if he carries on.  They both send best wishes, miss you all  and hope you are all staying safe.


Mr B X




19th April


Hi All, 


Hope you had a great Easter and enjoyed the sun.  Ive had a nice relax and ready to go again.


I have added this weeks work onto the page which contains Maths from White rose with videos to help. 


Literacy/Topic is a comprehension and then to research Julius Caesar and to write a biography of him. There is a check list for you to use as well.


Spag I have added some sheets to complete.


I will be ringing parents on Wednesday when i am in school to check in with you all and see how you are doing with the work so you can either ask then or email me with questions.


Can you make sure you have all logged onto tt Rockstars and Bug club before the end of the week as I have to make a note of who has been online.


Hope you are well 


Mr Bowering



26th April


This week I have been in school on Wednesday ringing parents to see whether you can access the work I am posting online.

 Thank you to all parents who answered and told me about all the wonderful tasks you have been doing at home. 

I have now posted this weeks work online as well as sent out (via post) work for weeks 3, 4 and 5 as well as some thrive activities for the holidays. 

I have now managed to complete all the Harry Potter books  as well as managed to get out in the sun over the weekend.

If you have any work for me to look at please send it to me as well as if you have have any questions about the work i have set please don't hesitate to email. 


Hope you are all okay and staying safe. 

Mr B