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What Nursery have been up to

Week commencing 8th June

This week, some of our Nursery children have been back into school. Although Nursery looked a little different, we still had lots of fun.


Week commencing 18th May

Eva and Louie have been having a wonderful time at home.

Julia has been trying very hard with her Maths and practising different letters.


Week commencing 11th May

At the weekend, Eva got a new bike and she has really enjoyed using it. She has also got a new trampoline and has had lots of fun on it. She has enjoyed the lovely weather and has done lots of exercise by exploring different ways in which she can move around!


Theo has had another few busy weeks. He has been baking biscuits, making flags for VE Day, doing Cosmic Kids Yoga and even camping out in the garden! Theo enjoyed his book for book week. He has even found some pine cones, brought them home and painted them in bright colours.


Olivia has been in school this week and she made a fantastic model



Week commencing 4th May

Lillie has been doing some fantastic Maths by counting the pictures and finding the matching number.

Olivia has had a lovely time exploring the outdoors with her family.


Angus has been a super big brother and has been looking after his baby sister who has just been born. Angus has also enjoyed reading his book from Book Week. He has drawn a fantastic picture of a little elephant from his book. Keep up the fab work Angus!


This week, Kyren and Anton have been on a nature trail and have been collecting different things that they have found to create wonderful pictures.


Week commencing 27th April

Olivia has enjoyed this week. She's been baking, cutting out, painting her hands and had a lovely time outside.



Eva and Louie were in school this week. With Mrs Spialek and Mrs Dean, they made some fantastic minibeast gardens. They had bees, caterpillars, butterflies, spiders and Miss Wilding's favourite insect of a ladybird.




Scarlett had been trying very hard with her numbers and writing her name. This looks fantastic, keep up the good work!


Jacob has been trying very hard to write his numbers and his name. Jacob is also able to recognise the numbers 1-5. Jacob has also had his birthday since we have been off. I hope you've had a lovely day and keep up the fantastic work!



Julia has been practising writing her letters and they look beautiful. She has also been exercising her fingers by playing with Playdough.


Week commencing 20th April

Theo has had another wonderful week at home. He's been practising writing his numbers and they look amazing. He's made a birthday card for Captain Tom's 100th birthday. He's been reading the story of The gingerbread Man and even found some props to help him retell the story. Theo has also let me know that on his walks this week he has found snakes and tadpoles! Be careful of the snakes Theo!!!!



Eden has been a very busy girl this week. She has been practising her writing by copying some words. She has been working hard to join puzzle pieces together. She has also been in the kitchen making cakes and pizza. Fantastic work Eden!



Eva created a beautiful picture of a rainbow with paint. What a colourful picture Eva!

Week commencing 13th April

Olivia has been having a lovely time at home. She has been very creative by doing some fantastic arts and crafts activities. She has also been helping out in the garden and enjoying her time outside. Keep up the fantastic work Olivia!



This week, Scarlett has been trying very hard with her Maths. She has been exploring different shapes, recognising numbers and practising her counting. Keep up the good work Scarlett!


Week commencing 6th April

This week, Theo has been a very busy boy. He has been working hard on his pencil control skills and is really enjoying trying to write numbers by himself. He has also been on some fantastic walks and has seen lots of signs of spring with new flowers and plants growing in the wood! He has also created some fantastic pictures for his window. Super work Theo!


Eva has been talking about things that make her happy. She has been using scissors to cut out pictures that make her happy and then has been making marks to represent this. What fantastic work Eva!


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Week commencing 30th March

Eden has been very creative and has been making elephants out of bottles, tubes and craft resources. Elephants are Miss Wilding's favourite animal and think that these look fantastic. Well done Eden!



Theo has been using empty cardboard boxes and to make a model. He has created an amazing Diplodocus and is very proud of it. Fantastic work Theo :)

Rossi has been out in the garden and has been helping to plant potatoes.

Week commencing 23rd March

Theo has been completing lots of wonderful activities. He has been exploring patterns by using shapes and he has been trying to order the numbers 1-10. What wonderful Maths Theo!



Julia has been practising writing letters by using an anticlockwise movement. Well done Julia.