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Last Night, 13th May, our very own Leeds United superstar, Loui, was awarded the player's player of the year for Leeds Academy under 11's football team after an online presentation. His team mates who voted for him said " He's a true leader and he made me feel welcome when i was on trial!", he "works hard.", "He always puts the side before himself" and that " He has a great attitude to training and games."

I can echo all Louis's team mates quotes as he has been part of our school team since he was in year 3 and he never looked out of his depth against year 6 even then. I remember going to Barnsley FC Astroturf with the year 6 team when Loui was in year 3 and he was absolutely amazing and thinking "Boy... he is talented." and thought he would go far. I didn't know a lot about Loui then but as he has moved up through school I found out that he was also talented in the classroom as well as on the football field and how well- mannered, polite and down to earth he is. This year in year 6, all the quotes his team mates have said have been proven in school too, as he is always helping his peers with their class work, working hard and being a delight to have in the classroom. He has worked so hard at school and deserves this award he has been given as well as being our school captain this year for the football team and he has been encouraging and a great team mate to his school team too always leading by example and giving words of advice despite him facing some really hard tackle including a bloody nose in one game.

Miss Goulding has said that Loui is "By far the most talented footballer," she has ever seen in her eleven years at Ladywood and I would echo this from all the football I have seen in the past few years.

I would like to say a personal well done to Loui and say how much he deserves this as he has always shown a fantastic attitude to anything we have put forward at school and he is always willing to listen to advice that he is given. He has been a delight and credit to teach so far in year 6.

Well done and congratulations Loui, We are all so proud of you! The sky is the limit young man keep up the hard work and determination.

Also- I hope to see you in the red of Barnsley FC in a few years time!!!

Mr Bowering