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Animals Around the World

What will we learn?

We will explore the coastal habitats of different animals and identify the seven continents by placing animals on their native continent. We will begin to identify a location's temperature based on its distance from the equator and place animals in their preferred climates.  We will also discover how animals' appearance and behaviour change with the seasonal changes and investigate the national animals of the UK and around the world.

We can name the seven continents, locate the seven continents on a map and describe what a continent is.


Can you remember the names of the 7 continents and label them on the world map?

We can name the world’s oceans and describe the difference between seas and oceans. We can name and describe different coastal/marine environments/features.


Can you remember the names of the 5 oceans and label them on the world map?

We are learning to name the continents and oceans.

We can locate the equator on a world map, locate hot places in relation to the equator and locate cold places in relation to the equator.


Is the location suitable for these animals?  If the location is wrong, can you suggest a better one?


We can name all four seasons, describe some seasonal changes and describe how an animal might be affected by seasonal changes.