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Textiles - Delightful Decorations

We will develop our cutting and sewing skills whilst making a delightful decoration for the Christmas tree!  We will explore, cut, sew, design, make and evaluate our Christmas tree decorations.

30 November 2020


We discussed what a decoration is and where and why we might use them.  We looked at lots of different types of decorations and identified which special occasion they are linked with.  We explored a range of Christmas tree decorations and discussed them in terms of colour, shape and the materials they are made from.  We then chose our favourite Christmas tree decoration and talked about what was the same, what was different and why they were our favourite.  


3 December 2020


Today, we learnt how to thread a needle and sew both the running stitch and the overstitch.  We discussed how to attach buttons and how to sew a smaller piece of fabric to a larger piece.  We used the vocabulary push, pull, needle, thread, fabric as we were sewing. 

Nataniel is concentrating on his running stitch.

Still image for this video

Vinnie is perfecting his overstitch.

Still image for this video

Holly has perfected the overstitch!

Still image for this video

We can sew buttons onto fabric!

7 December 2020


We discussed the steps needed in order to make a Christmas tree decoration.  We found out what design criteria are, looked at some examples and came up with some suggestions of our own.  Once we knew what we needed to do, we got on with designing our own Christmas tree decoration.   We thought about the materials we needed and the joining stitch we will use.

10 December 2020


Today, we used our designs and began making our Christmas tree decorations using all the skills we have learnt.

Our fantastic Christmas tree decorations!