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Reading at home

Your child's reading experience is much more than the reading book which comes home from school. Reading is happening all the time in a classroom and in the school. It is taught in specific reading sessions but children are practising and using their 'reading' constantly across all subjects too.

Parents can support this 'reading journey' through regular reading at home. Reading to and with your child every evening for at least ten minutes can make a dramatic difference to a child's achievement within school.


Tips for reading with your child at home:

1. Make time to read- even ten minutes a day

2. Choose different types of books

3. Take turns to read

4. Talk about the book- asking your child questions

5. Pay attention to the language

6. Enjoy reading


In year 4, we expect children to try to read every day at home, please remember to record home reading in children’s reading diaries so they can move up our reading reward chart. It is really important that children bring their reading diaries and individual reading books into school each day as children are read with daily in class.


Some of the documents below support with questions and ideas you can talk about with your child while reading.