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The Great Fire of London

We will go back to 1666 and the era of the Stuarts as we find about the Great Fire of London and the effect it had on the people of the time.  We will find out when, where, how and why the Great Fire happened, and explore how we know about it through the diary of Samuel Pepys and other sources.

10 January 2022


Today we were introduced to the Great Fire by looking at what London was like in 1666.  We compared maps and pictures of 1666 London and the city as it is today. We used a timeline to put the date of the fire into context.

19 January 2021


In today's lesson, the Great Fire of London story is retold from the point of view of Samuel Pepys.  We looked at the key points in the events prior to and during, the fire.  We were challenged to sequence the key events and retell the story in a variety of ways.


17 January 2022


What caused the Great Fire of London?  Today, we delved deeper into the reasons why the fire lasted so long  and how London was changed to prevent fires spreading so quickly again.  We looked at a variety of factors which contributed to the enormity of the fire, including housing, firefighting techniques, the actions of the king and other officials and the weather.  We also looked at some of the things that were changed to make sure a fire on such a large scale could never happen again.

18 January 2022


We looked at how we know about the Great Fire of London, focusing specifically on the diary of Samuel Pepys and his actions during September of 1666.  We moved on to look at other source such as pictures, objects and newspapers and considered what kind of information we could find out from each source.

20 January 2022


In our final lesson, we recapped everything we have learnt about the Great Fire of London.  We chose a way to show what we had learnt during this week.