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In year 2, we will learn the value of different coins and notes, the symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p), and how to combine coins to make given amounts. We will solve money problems practically, adding and subtracting to give change.

Here are some ideas for fun, practical activities to help develop your child’s understanding of money and boost their confidence using money in real life.


Set up shop

Playing shops at home is a great way of introducing children to the idea of using money through creative play.  Together, decide what to sell – raid kitchen cupboards, toy boxes, or wardrobes to create different types of shop – and price up all the items with sticky notes.  Set prices with pence amounts or whole pounds using numbers they can cope with. Use real or toy coins (or make coin rubbings with paper and crayons to create your own) and take turns to be shopper and shopkeeper.  Start by just buying one item and counting out the right coins to pay for it.  Then move onto choosing two items and work out totals and change.

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Counting pounds and pence

Choose some pounds and pence from your piggy bank or your parents/carers' purse or wallet.  Separate the pounds from the pence and find the total amount.