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Information Technology - Computer Art

We will be using computers to produce digital art.  We will learn about a range of artists and painting techniques, which we will recreate using a computer program.  We will build up our knowledge and skills to create a final piece of computer art by selecting and applying the techniques we have learnt.

28 June 2021


Pointillism is a type of painting that makes a picture using lots of colourful dots.  Georges Seurat was a French painter who lived between 1859 and 1891 and became famous for his pointillism paintings.  


We were challenged to recreate a pointillism picture of an apple using a computer program.  We learnt how to use the appropriate tools on the toolbar - paintbrush, size and colour.


29 June 2021


Piet Mondrian was a Dutch artist who lived between 1872 and 1944.  Mondrian became famous for creating art on a white background with straight lines and blocks of primary colours.


We were challenged to produce our own Mondrian inspired piece of art using a computer program.  We learnt how to use different tools on the toolbar to help us fill with colour and draw straight lines.

30 June 2021


Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist who lived between 1881 and 1973.  He is famous for using a style of art called cubism, which uses lots of shapes to create pictures.  


Our challenge was to recreate one of Picasso's famous paintings using shapes.  We learnt how to select shapes from the toolbar and change the colour of both the lines and the fill of a shape.  We also learnt how to adjust the size and orientation of the shapes.  


5 July 2021


Claude Monet was a famous French artist who lived between 1840 and 1926. His style of painting is called ‘Impressionism’.  He would draw the same scene again and again in order to show different seasons.  


Monet would use different colours to show the different seasons. This changed the way people felt about the places he was painting.


Our challenge was to produce two versions of the same picture.  We talked about the difference we wanted to show - happy/sad, warm/cold, day/night.  We had to choose contrasting colours to show this.  We learnt how to use the slider to change the shade of the colour we wanted.

7 July 2021


Andy Warhol, an American artist, began producing work in a ‘Pop Art’ style in the 20th century.  He created screen-prints using photo quality images and changed them using bright colours.  He didn’t always stick exactly in the lines.  Warhol would sometimes use the same picture more than once, but change the colours on each one, to make them stand out.  


Our challenge was to make a Pop Art picture using the Paint 3D program.  We used the ‘Fill’ button to change our own pictures.  We made 2 different versions using different colours.