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Teaching of Writing

We aim to develop confident communicators who can use vocabulary and sentences effectively in a range of situations. Through exposure to quality conversations, texts and models children can develop their communication skills, both orally and written. Thus ensuring that when they leave Ladywood, pupils  are confident writers who are able to produce a range of high quality pieces for a variety of audiences and purposes.
We place books at the core of our teaching and use high quality texts to 'hook' children into their writing and ignite their enthusiasm to write. The writing process for each age range is modelled so that children see the adults as writers and are surrounded by quality examples of writing. Children are always encouraged to plan and discuss their writing ahead of starting. Young children are encouraged to verbalise sentences and phrases and commit these to memory, before they start to write. Adults support all children in the planning process and extend the range of vocabulary and sentences being used.
Teachers model writing skills such as punctuating, spelling, rehearsing, proof reading, editing, word selection and sentence construction. Pupils are taught from a young age to edit their work and make revisions. Teachers ensure children are actively involved in the spelling and composition process. The teacher models the writing in front of the children and communicates the strategies being used whilst writing. 
Spelling is taught as a planned programme from EYFS to Y6 to ensure coverage of sounds, common exception words and rules. All staff are trained in Read, Write Inc and are skilled in the teaching of phonics. This is delivered in EYfS and KS1 and for any children in KS2 who have gaps in their phonics and word reading skills.
We provide language rich environments across school. Displays in classrooms are used to scaffold, structure and celebrate pupils' writing and vocabulary.

Please see below our Writing Progression Documents