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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


We looked at toys from today, talked about our favourite toy. We thought carefully about what it was made of and it's purpose. We then drew and labelled our toy and finally added a caption to decribe our toy. 
We compared silimar toys from the past to those of today. We labelled a new teddy bear and an old teddy bear and wrote a caption to compare the similarities and differences. 
We investigated even older toy artefacts. These toys were popular in the Victorian times. We played with them and discussed how they were different to our toys today. Ryley said that he knew they were old toys because the yo yo is made of wood and a new one would probably be made of plastic. 
We found out that the rich Victorian children would have had toys made out of wood, metal or china but many of the poorer children would have had toys made out of paper
We made thaumatropes. These were Victorian paper illusion toys. When you spin them, it gives the illusion that the two pictures are as one.


We played with old and new toys. We talked about how they were different and how toys might be different again in the future