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Map Makers

We will learn all about maps and the geography of our surrounding area . We will find out why we use maps and how to read them, as well as have the opportunity to draw our own maps and plan perspectives.


7 September 2021


In today's lesson, we found out what maps are and some of the different ways they are used.  We learnt about the four compass points and used these to navigate around our maps using directional language.

Sonny giving Bella instructions using directional language.

Still image for this video

9 September 2021


​​​​​​Today we explored aerial views and identified some different locations based on an aerial photograph.  We then looked at plan perspectives and we were challenged to draw a plan perspective of our classroom.

13 September 2021


Today we looked at some maps of towns and cities, describing what we could see and found out why symbols and keys are useful when using maps.  We then went on a virtual trip around Grimethorpe using Google Earth.  We marked down the important places around Grimethorpe using symbols and a key.

Our virtual trip around the local area.

We explored our local area using Google Maps.

14 September 2021


Today we recapped the main features of maps. We then had a go on at creating our own map with symbols and a key, using the information we gathered in the previous lesson and using a digital map to help us.

16 September 2021


Maps are made up of human and natural features.  We learnt that a human feature is something that is man-made, such as buildings and roads, and a natural feature is something that has occurred naturally such as a river or mountain.  Today we designed a new town.  We had to think about where to put all the human features so that the residents would be happy.  We wanted it to be a great place to live.