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Computer Science - Coding

1 March 2022


Today, we learnt that objects can be programmed to do actions at the start or when they are clicked on and that start and click are events.  We also learnt that start events and click events can be used together. 

11 March 2022


Today we learnt to write code that uses the keyboard as an input device.  We were introduced to key press events and learnt how different keys can be used to make an object move in different directions and another key to make the object stop.  We also learnt how key press events can be used to cause other actions to take place, such as hiding and showing an object.

15 March 2022


Today we learnt how to use press events to make objects change direction in a new way using the 'turn' action.  We also learnt how to make objects respond to a pointer press and release.  We know that the keyboard and the pointer can be used to control the movement of objects within the same program.