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In our French lesson this week, we’ve been learning about the celebration of Epiphanie in France. We learnt about les galettes du Rois (The King’s cake) and followed instructions in French to create our own couronnes (crowns). C’était formidable! 

This week in French, the children have been learning all about the Francophone world. We used Atlases to locate Francophone countries around the world and used our knowledge of French colours to colour the flags.

In French this week the children have been learning about the French celebration of le Chandeleur, which is the French equivalent of pancake day. 

They sequenced an authentic French pancake recipe and described what toppings they like on their crêpes. Miam miam! 

For Children's Mental Health Week, Children participated in Yoga and Mindfulness in French. Can you spot the different yoga poses? Can you spot the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre? Or relaxing on the beach in St. Tropez? 
Today in our French lesson, we have been learning to count to 20 in French. We listened to a song, showed the numbers with our fingers and equipment and then played a game of dominoes to demonstrate our learning. C'était fantastique!

Counting to 20 in French