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William Morris

We have been looking at the work of William Morris, finding out about his life and work. We are also able to recognise examples of his art work and now know about the arts of craft movement.

We have developed our sketching skills including shading techniques. We have practiced in our sketch books drawing a still life including flowers, as floral patterns are key element of Morris’ designs.

We studied William Morris’ wall paper designs and sketched and painted some of his work. We looked carefully at the pictures and colours he used.

We used primary colours, black and white and painted out own William Morris desgin.

We designed and created our own printing blocks using polystyrene sheets. We used inspiration from William Morris' work using bold shapes and lines with aspects from nature natural objects. We really enjoyed using the print equipment and used different coloured ink to create our prints. Once we had time to experiment with the tools and ink we created a repeated pattern.