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We began our Viking topic by discovering where the Vikings came from, where they invaded and where they settled. We created maps to show this.

As part of our study of the settlement of Jorvik, we were lucky enough to visit the Jorvik Centre, which helped us to understand the Viking way of life. Here our some of our recounts of the trip and what we found out-

Back in the classroom, we then explored some of the artefacts found during archaeological digs at Coppergate. 

Next, we found out what made the Viking invasions successful and explored the invasion of Lindesfarne in AD793.

We discovered that the design and build of the Viking longship helped with successful invasions.

We finished our topic by looking at how Danelaw was created and looked for evidence of this using maps to show the names of towns and cities. We discovered that Viking towns and cities usually have thorpe, by or gate.  

Viking Homework