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Whole Class Reading

In year two we progress onto whole class reading sessions normally after Christmas. We explore a range of different books and texs including longer novels and picture books and is an essential part of our curriculum. It is one very important way that we can model our enthusiasm for reading and for books and create magic and excitement around the special joy of reading a good book. 


 There are many benefits of reading a whole class text:


  • Encountering new words and enriching vocabulary – you experience words that would almost never come up in conversation.

  • Helps children appreciate the beauty and rhythm of language.

  • Children can enjoy and understand texts beyond their own reading ability.

  • Enhances imagination and observation skills.

  • Improves critical and creative thinking skills.

  • Expands children’s general knowledge and understanding of the world.

  • Empathy is developed as they make connections with the experiences of the characters in the text and with each other.

  • Fluent, expressive reading is modeled.

  • Enables children to make meaning from more complex texts.

  • Conditions the brain to associate reading with pleasure.

  • Plants a desire to read.


During our daily whole class reading lessons, we will be developing these 5 skills as we investigate and explore new texts.