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States of matter

We have been identifying different solids, liquids and gases and finding out about their properties.

We looked at how the particles in solids, liquids and gases acted and did some drama to help us remember this.

We also made cornflour slime, which is a non-Newtonian liquid. This means it is different to ‘normal’ liquids. It gets thicker when it is pushed or pressed down.

We found out more about different gases that we see and use and investigated if they weigh anything.

We have looked at how water changes from a solid, liquid and gas and learnt the processes condensation and evaporation and where we see them in our lives.

We did an investigation to see which water ice cubes will melt in first - salt water or tap water.

We investigated which type of chocolate would melt first. We used white, milk and dark chocolate and made sure we did a fair test. We had a go predicting which would be first and gave a reason why..

We have been looking at temperature and used thermometers to measure different temperatures.

We learnt about the water cycle and where we see evaporation and condensation in this.


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