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Living in the winder world

During the autumn term in RHE we will explore the topic 'Living in the winder world'. We will explore communities and other cultures, managing money and raise awareness of sustainability. 

In year 4 we have been talking about climate change this is the name given to changes in weather and temperatures that pose a challenge for us now and in the future.These changes are a result of human activity and are not good for the planet.Scientists say many of the changes to the Earth's climate are caused by h uman activity - this means things that humans are doing. We talk about our carbon footprint and how we can help by spreading the word and talking to our friends and family about what they can do to help! We all need to do a little bit to make a big difference. We made posters to show what we can do to help. 

We have been talking about Bullying in year 4, together we looked at different scenarios and discussed what we could do to help.

We looked at what the word diversity means and discussed we see diversity in our lives.

We have been learning about values and customs of people around the world. Finding out that the UK is made of people from different religious and ethnic identities and disccusing ways we can show respect. 



Year 4 discussed community and the communities we are all part of and what this means. We worked in groups to draw communities children are part of or would like to be part of.