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RE Curriculum


The teaching of Religious Education, though not part of the National Curriculum, is a legal requirement. At Ladywood, the purpose of it is to contribute to the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live.


At Ladywood, we aim to encourage children to make their own decisions and life choices, presenting them with questions which will guide their learning. In studying aspects of Christianity, and other major world faiths, the children will learn about special books and special places. They will look at how faith can contribute to community cohesion, and how festivals are celebrated within families. The children will have the opportunity to research significant people of faith, and to think about their own place in the world.

At Ladywood, the teaching of Religious Education is guided by the current Barnsley Locally Agreed Syllabus. The lessons are timetabled each week, and may be taught as a separate subject, or as an integral part of another subject in the curriculum. In the lessons, the children listen to stories, discuss ideas, debate issues, and carry out both individual and group study. The children use artefacts, books, photographs and ICT, and the work is recorded in a variety of ways, including writing, illustration and drama.


What we do at Ladywood Primary school


Key Stage 1

In Key Stage One, year 1 and year 2 children learn aspects of the Hindu Dharma. Their Christianity focus is the Old Testament, where they learn about the Christmas Story, and key figures such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses. They also learn about the friends of Jesus, the Disciples, which appear in the New Testament.


Lower Key Stage 2

In Key Stage Two, Years 3 and 4 base their study of the Christian faith on people from the Old Testament, such as Joshua, Gideon, Ruth and David. They learn about the Miracles, and the Parables. From the New Testament, the children read the Easter Story. Years 3 and 4 study Islam as their world faith.


Upper key Stage 2

In years 5 and 6, the children begin to think about what kind of person Jesus was, and how other famous Christians were like him. They learn about Pentecost, and the journeys of Paul. Their other world faith is Judaism.


At Ladywood, daily assemblies are broadly based on Christian beliefs and British values. We invite speakers from local places of worship to lead assemblies, and the children make visits to churches in the neighbourhood.


What parents and carers can do to help their child

Parents and carers can help their child by:

· Talking to them about what they have learnt.

· Encouraging them to make their own decisions.

· Helping them to respect other people, their beliefs and their property.