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We learnt about different animal types.  We looked at mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians.  

We learnt about animals that hibernate and don't hibernate.

We compared different animal types looking carefully to see what is the same and what is different.

We found out about animal diets - herbivore, omnivore and carnivore.  We noticed that different animal types have different diets, for example different mammals can be herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. 

Vertebrate or invertebrate?  We found out about animals that have a backbone and animals that don't have a backbone.  

Cold blooded or warm blooded?  We learned about how mammals and birds and warm blooded and that other animals are warmed up by the sun.

In our final piece of work in this unit we choose our favourite animal.

We wrote facts about the animal.  What animal type is it - fish, mammal, reptile, bird, amphibian or insect ?  Is it a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore?  Is it warm or cold blooded?  Is a vertebrate or an invertebrate?