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Mental Health Support at Ladywood

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Our mental health is how we’re feeling inside, or how we are emotionally.

Our mental health is  as important as our physical health. 

Think about our mental health being like the weather. As the seasons change, the weather does too. There are bright and sunny days which make us feel happy and want to do things like going outdoors, but on other days the weather can change to darker, rainy days, where you don’t feel like leaving the house. Like the weather, your mental health can go through periods of positive and bright bursts of energy, and it can also dip and drag you down a darker road. You may feel tired and lack motivation or energy to do the simple things, such as getting out of bed or getting on with your day.

Whatever you are feeling, know that this is completely normal.

Many people are reluctant to talk about their feelings and their mental health –  not sharing our feelings with anyone can make our mental health worse.

We All Have Mental Health

​Ladywood Primary School is one big family and as part of this we provide an education, but first an foremost we support everyone who is part of that family when things get tough. At Ladywood we understand how life can sometimes challenge us and how we all need help sometimes. 

Children, parents, carers, guardians and school staff will all need some support at times and hopefully this page will point you in the right direction.

We will also aim to share with you our support that we offer within school for our children.

Higher level of support strategies 

Sometimes our young people go through experiences, which even as adults we would struggle with understanding. As part of the ECM trusts mental health strategy we have designed a network of support which children are signposted to when challenging events occur in their lives to help them understand and create a strategy for managing this. 

Incredible Me! 

Incredible Me is a wellbeing system that has been especially designed by the schools in the ECM academy trust. It is a whole school system focused around creating effective opportunities for the development of resilience, independence and self-esteem. Incredible me identifies age appropriate skills or 'superpowers' that we would like children to develop during their time at school, and provides classroom based staff with a bank of activity ideas to equip all children with the 'superpowers' they will need as they progress. Children throughout school are assessed and areas where support is needed are identified. Whole class lessons, small group work and individual sessions are planned as a result of these assessments.

Books Beyond Words
Books Beyond words is a charity based foundation which produces books with no text, just pictures. They cover topics such as physical and mental health, lifestyle ,relationships, abuse and trauma, grief and bereavement. Each book is designed to help with an easier understanding, allowing children to relate their experiences to the books.

The main aim of the book is to open up conversations about potential topics or experiences that people have gone through, check understanding, explore feelings and prepare for new experiences to come. Using these books allows us to empower the children, remove barriers to understanding, reduce anxiety and allows their own stories to be heard.

Books on mental health