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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


We will develop respect for differences and know that bullying is wrong. We will talk about special people in our lives. We will become aware of appropriate touch.

27 January 2022


  • I can talk about ways in which we are different and the same.
  • I understand that the people I know are all different and that these differences should be celebrated.
  • I will know what to do if I see discrimination.
  • I can identify how people show each other they care.
  • I can write the characteristics of my VIPS to explain why they are special to me.
  • I can think about how I can be a VIP to others.

31 January 2022


  • I understand what ‘no’ and ‘stop’ mean.
  • I know that people’s bodies and feelings can be hurt.
  • I know who to tell if I am worried that the rules about respecting people’s bodies have been broken.


We looked at different scenarios when people might feel uncomfortable.  We acted out some of the scenarios and discussed as a group how we would solve the issues that came up.

Scenario 1

At the park, the children are all climbing a big tree.  One child doesn't feel comfortable being up high, but the other children are all telling her to do it.

Scenario 2

A group of mums are meeting up with their children.  One of the mums loves to hug and kiss all the children when she greets them but one of the children doesn't like her doing this.

We made our own scenario books.

1 February 2022


  • I can discuss different scenarios where people have fallen out.
  • I can identify bullying and teasing and know what to do if it happens.