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Indoor P.E.

We enjoy weekly P.E. sessions in our school hall. Our lessons focus on Gymnastics, Dance and Games throughout the year.


We are enjoying our gymnastic lessons for the first half of the autumn term. We are learning how to move in a variety of ways and how to use apparatus. We are developing our listening skills and are learning how to follow a set of instructions.

We have been exploring different ways that we can move around the room. We have been trying to walk and run in and out of the markers on the floor without touching them.

We have been learning how to travel around, under and through apparatus. We are learning to negotiate space successfully and to jump and land appropriately.
Nursery have been exploring learning how to kick a large ball. We have been learning to wait patiently for our turn to kick the ball. Miss Wilding tried hard to take pictures of us but we were too quick at kicking.
We have really enjoyed our dance lessons in PE. We have explored two pieces of music called 'Stars' and Rabbits'

We have been developing our balancing skills by lifting up our legs and our arms when in a crawling position. We have tried to move around the room in this position, climbing over small hurdles.