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Living in the Wider World

We will explore where money comes from and why we need it.  We will talk about which people keep us safe and how we can help those people to look after us.

7 October 2021


  • I understand that money comes from having a job and going to work.
  • I can explain some of the things we need money for.
  • I can explain why it is important to keep money.

18 October 2021


  • I can describe what being unique means.
  • I can explain that everyone is unique in their own way.
  • I can describe what makes a person special.


We began our lesson with this brilliant story about difference.  Click on the link below to read it together at home.

19 October 2021


  • I can identify different people who help keep me safe.
  • I know how those people keep me safe.
  • I know how to help those people keep me safe.