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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


We investigated different ways to join materials.


First we used glue. It was easy to join the material. 

Then we tried stapling along the edges. This worked, but was  really tricky to do and we had to have lots of help. 

Finally we had a go at sewing. This was a good way of joining as well but we found it really tricky so it took a long time. 

We decided that we would use fabric glue to join our material to make our puppets. 


We looked at lots of different puppets and then designed our own. 

We made our puppets by using fabric crayons to create our designs. Then we joined the fabric using fabric glue. 

Look at our amazing puppets. I'm sure you'll agree that we have done a fantastic job of following our designs. 

Finally, we evaluated our puppets and we decided that joining them using fabric glue was a good way to join them. We talked about how we had to line up the edges carefully though and that part was quite tricky. 


We have absolutley LOVED this DT project and have continued to develop our skills further by making puppets in the creative area.