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Mechanisms - Making Fire Engines

We will explore modern fire engines and their features, before exploring, designing, creating and evaluating our  own model fire engine using wheels, axles and chassis. We will also look at 17th century fire engines too as part of our Great Fire of London history topic.

10 March 2022


We explored modern fire engines and their features, looking at what features are common to all vehicles and which are specific to fire engines.  We also had a look at a 17th century fire engine to compare how they are similar and different to modern fire engines.

14 March 2022


Today we explored how wheels, axles and chassis work together to create the base of a fire engine.   We explored different ways of attaching the chassis to the axles.

15 March 2022


Today we designed our own fire engines, based on the learning we have undertaken so far.  We considered which materials and tools we needed, noting our design ideas using notes and diagrams. 

17 March 2022


We followed our designs to create our fire engines, using a range of different materials, tools and techniques.

21 March 2022


Today, we evaluated our fire engines.  We thought about what went well, what could be improved upon and what we could do differently if we were to make our fire engines again.