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Where we live

We started our Geography unit at home during our bubble closure. We all worked really hard to complete the first two lessons. 


We used Google Maps to observe our local area. We navigated our way through the streets of Grimethorpe and took note of places of interest. 

We learnt that we live in a village.

Our village is called Grimethorpe and is in a town called Barnsley. 

We know that our village is made up of streets, roads and green areas and buildings

Then we looked more closely at our village of Grimethorpe. Ideally we would have done a walk around the village as a class, but unfortunately  this, for obvious reasons was not possible.  We use Google Maps to naviage our way around Grimethorpe, paying particular attention to the streets and street names and road signs as we went. We will be thinking about street names and why these are so important a bit later in our unit. 

Next we learnt about the different types of homes. We worked together to create a whole village. We drew differemt types of homes along the streets and labelled them. Then we walked around our 'village' looking at all the different types of homes.