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Cooking and Nutrition - Perfect Pizzas

We will explore pizzas, discovering what a variety of toppings and bases look like, taste like and feel like. We will then have the challenge of designing and making our own pizza to meet a design brief and evaluate it based on the criteria.

7 June 2021


  • I can identify the different parts of a pizza.
  • I sort foods into different food groups.
  • I can discuss different types of pizzas and begin to categorise them into healthy and unhealthy.

8 June 2021


  • I can name and describe a variety of breads.
  • I can say which breads I like.
  • I can use the features of the bread to decide if it is fit for purpose.
  • I can name and describe a variety of toppings.
  • I can state my opinion and preference about different toppings.
  • I understand eating healthily means having a balanced diet.

9 June 2021


  • I understand that pizzas can be part of a healthy diet.
  • I can design a healthy pizza.
  • I can identify what ingredients and tools I will need to make my pizza.

11 June 2021


  • I can identify and follow rules for food safety and hygiene.
  • I can follow a design to make a pizza.
  • I can evaluate my finished products and say what I think and feel about it.

We followed our design to make our pizzas.