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Self Portrait

We will explore famous artists and our own self-portraits.  We will then explore different pencils and paints as well as the medium of collage to create our own artwork.

27 February 2023


Today, we investigated the differences between portraits and self-portraits.  We discussed and explored existing self-portraits by famous artists such us Matisse, Kahlo and Rembrandt.  We gave our personal opinion of the different self-portraits and used adjectives to describe the artwork.


We decided to use collage as a medium to create self-portraits.  We looked at and discussed different forms of collage before having a go at creating a self-portrait collage ourselves.

6 March 2023


Today we experimented and explored the marks we could make with different grades of pencil. We explored pencils and the letters on them, defining what they mean and making links with different kinds of sketching as we explored.

9 March 2023


We explored our features closely in this lesson, looking at the shape of each feature, and the position on the face. We also discussed why people create self-portraits, what they want to portray, and how they might do this using colour, poses or even objects.  We then sketched own portrait using what we had learnt from the previous lesson.  Didn't they do an amazing job?