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In the spring term we will explore the topic 'Relationships'. We will begin to understand that relationships have ups and downs, learn about identify and stereotypes. We will also talk about bullying and managing peer pressure. Year 4 children will also look at privacy and secrets. 

We explore privacy and the difference between secrets and surprises. A surprise is something which we don’t tell people about for a short amount of time but eventually everyone will know and that they are usually positive. For example a birthday surprise. 

A secret is something that someone wants to  try and make sure no one finds out and this is often not good because it might be making someone unhappy or hurting them. For example  not telling someone when something has been broken, not letting an adult know someone is picking on you or hurting you. 


We also looked at the NsPCC 'PANTS' rules. 

We have talked about stereotypes are unfair because we are all individual, and we should be treated as individuals. We should not generalise and think of people or groups of people in the same way.

We explored how we can challenge stereotypes. 

 In year 4 we have been talking about dares and peer Pressure. Peer pressure is when a person or group of people, who are your peers, try to convince you to behave or act in a certain way. we discussed how peer pressure can be possitive and negative. We talked about 'fun dares' and 'risky dares'. 


We revisited bullying and talked alot about the different types of bullying that can happen. We talked about the importance of speaking to an adult we trust, because it always feels better to share our worries. 

We moved on to talk about similarities and differences, thinking about our own unique identifies and how we are special. 

We started off our relationship topic thinking about friendships and conflict resolution. As a class we discussed the qualities of a good friend. We expored what compromise and negotiate means. As a class we looked at scenarious and talked about how we could solve the conflict.