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Multiplication and Division

We have been understanding what multiplication is in arrays and repeated addition. We used equipment to help us understand this and work out answers.

We recapped our 3x multiplication facts.

We have been learning and practicing our 6 times tables and division facts

We have also been practicing our 9 times tables and division facts.

We then practiced our 3,6 and 9 x multiplication facts and looked at how they were linked.

Then we moved on to our 7x multiplication facts.

Then we went on to practice our 11 and 12 multiplication and division facts.

We found more about multiplying by 1 and 0.

Multiplying 10 and 100

Here are some examples of our work

Dividing by 10 and 100

Here are some examples of our work

We have been identifying multiples and factor pairs.

Formal written multiplication


We used a range of informal division methods.

Written formal division

We have been practicing division and problems linked to divison

We also used our multiplication skills to work out correspondence problems.