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Digital Literacy

18 October 2021


  • I can explain what ‘digital footprint’ means.
  • I can explain how people might use the information I put online.
  • I can explain how a digital footprint contains information about a person.

2 November 2021


  • I can identify which keywords will give me good results.
  • I can use a website to search for information.

5 November 2021


  • I can think about how to identify possible dangers or things which might make me uncomfortable online.
  • I can identify websites that are suitable for my age.
  • I can identify when to ask an adult for advice about accessing a website.
  • I know what to do if a website makes me uncomfortable in any way.

8 November 2021


  • I can discuss what people might want to know about a website to decide whether it is useful or not.
  • I can explain what I like or dislike about a website.
  • I can use clues to decide who a website is aimed at.

9 November 2021


  • I can identify unkind online behaviour.
  • I know what to do if I think someone is being unkind to me online.

11 November 2021


  • I can choose a sensible course of action if I feel uncomfortable online.
  • I can explain how to safely search for information online.
  • I can choose appropriate websites for someone my age.