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Digital Literacy

We started our E-saftey learning thinking about cyberbullying. We know now cyber is when someone uses digital technology to be intentionally mean or unkind to someone more than once. We talked alot about which apps, games and websites Y4 children use and how they can be used to be unkind to someone. Everyone in the class agreed if a victim of cyber bullying should always tell an adult. During the session we explore lots of different scenarios and decided if it was cyber bullying or not, then talked about what advice we would give.

In digital literacy Y4 have been finding out about and using search engines.  We know a search engine searches the internet for you, using the words you type in. We discussed how they give you results in a ranked order, which means that the results at the top of the page are the ones that the search engine thinks will be the most useful to you. We also used a new key word today 'algorithms', search engines use algorithms to help give you the most useful results first; they look at the order of the words you’ve written and which words are together.

We all explored using seach engines to answers questions using keys words. 

We have exlored plagarism online. We discussed how photographers’ pictures are used by other people, bloggers could have big pieces of their writing stolen and musicians could have their songs and videos copied and posted by others pretending it’s them! In pairs we looked at different scenarios and sorted them into two groups 'plagarism' and 'not plagarism'. 

We have continued to talk about keeping safe while online. As a class we discussed information we should share online. We talked in detail about sharing imagaes, the apps we use to do this and the negative and possitive outcomes of sharing imagaes. After our discussion we made a check list of queastions we should ask ourselves before posting an image online - as once it is posted online is is there forever.