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Paper Art

We will learn how to turn everyday paper into spectacular arts and crafts projects.  We will investigate different types of paper and explore their different textures and features, before using a variety of techniques to create artwork from paper.

8 September 2022


Today we explored different types of paper and learnt about the ways paper can be used to create works of art.  We described and compared different types of paper thinking about what they look like, how they feel and the sound they made when scrunched.

12 September 2022


Today, we learnt what a collage is and looked at different types of collages.  We then created our own collages using paper.

13 September 2022


In today's art lesson, we explored tissue paper.  We learnt about stained glass windows and re-created our own version of a stained glass window using tissue paper.

20 September 2022


Today, we discussed what beads are and what they are used for.  We learnt how to make beads using paper and can enjoyed creating jewellery with our hand-made paper beads.

23 September 2022


Today, we looked at famous sculptors and discussed their works of art.  We learnt about different ways to manipulate paper and then used these skills to make our own paper sculptures.