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Reading in the classroom

We enjoy choosing books to look at either by ourselves or with friends. We have been looking at the pictures of the story to try to work out what is happening. We have been practising turning the pages one by one and holding the book the correct way up. We enjoying listening to stories and rhymes read by an adult. We are learning how to join in with key phrases and repeated words.

We like it when older pupils come into class and read some of our favourite stories. On Children In Need day we all came dressed in our pyjamas and snuggled up to listen to our favourite books that we had brought in from home. Our Year 6 children did a super job at reading these to us.

We have really enjoyed reading 'The Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and have drawn some fabulous pictures to show different scenes from the story. We enjoyed re-telling the story using props and sequenced the events in the right order.