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Dear Parent/Carer,

Over recent days we have become increasingly concerned about the number of parents choosing to collect their child at the school gate. The large number of parents who are now gathering outside the gates at home time raises a number of concerns such as our ability to ensure effective social distancing and the protection of our school bubbles, as well as the impact on other pedestrians in the area amongst several others. We appreciate that the 1-way system and staggered finish times may be inconvenient but in the current climate and as the situation continues to escalate quickly, we must ensure that our protective measures remain robust. WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, we will therefore NOT allow children to walk to the gate to meet their parent/carer. ALL adults must collect their child from the designated pick-up points on the school playground unless your child walks home alone.


Our staggered start and finish times are a key measure in keeping our class bubbles separate and minimising the risk of transmission of Covid across our school community, I would remind all parents to be aware of this when dropping off and picking up your children. Children should not be collecting conkers at school or running around the playground as this leads to children from different classes or bubbles mixing, ultimately this could impact our ability to remain open should we have a positive case. It is therefore extremely important that children stay in line, or with their parents, whilst waiting to go into school. I would also remind parents to be aware of the ‘rule of 6’ when waiting in the playground – please try to stay in your household bubbles if possible, no more than 6 people (including children) should gather together and you must maintain social distancing at all times.


You will be aware that the Prime Minister is going to make an announcement later today which is likely to impose further restrictions on us all in order to combat the current spike in infections. In anticipation of this and also in light of yesterday’s scientific evidence which pointed to a steep rise in infections over the next few weeks, we have reviewed our risk assessment and with effect from Monday 28th September all adults who can, will be required to wear a face covering on school premises. Staff will also wear a visor/mask on the school playground and whenever they are moving around school and are not in their own bubble.


Thankyou for your understanding and support.