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Reducing Children's Anxieties about Returning

As we transition children back into our classrooms, we are sharing our top five tips for a smooth return to school.


1. With children learning from home for a long period it is normal for them to have feelings of worry or anxiety about what to expect when they return, talking about this can help alleviate some of those fears.


2. During lockdown set school hours went out the window!  By going back to a routine, you can create structure and prepare your child for the start of the school year in plenty of time. This will help them normalise to a schedule again and find those early mornings a little more bearable.


3. Your child may be worried about returning to school, especially after being told to stay safe at home for so long. Provide reassurance to make your child confident that they are safe back in the classroom.


4. After a long time away from the classroom, some children may not be looking forward to returning to school. It’s important to remind them of the positives of going to school and that often it can be quite a fun place to be!


5. After spending such a long period of time with your children at home, you too might be struggling with your kids going back to school. Remember there are services available at that can offer support and advice.


For more information around the reopening of schools as well as advice around preparing your child visit