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Symptoms & Testing

With schools reopening in the Autumn, we want you to be aware and reassured of safety measures in place for your children. If your child has symptoms or tests positive when returning to our classrooms, they must stay at home.


We would encourage parents of children who have symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to get tested to help protect their classmates and teachers. Any child that tests positive should isolate at home for 10 days.


You may be unsure whether your child can attend school as they may seem well enough to go and their symptoms are only mild, however, if they experience any of the symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19), please do not send them to school.



It is understandable for you to have concerns around sending your child back to school in September.


We want to reassure parents that we have strict guidelines and measures in place to keep your children safe in school, from how our lessons will be delivered, the equipment your child will use to where your child will eat lunch.


We know it’s a time of transition for both children and their parents and schools will be offering support and updates to parents throughout the process.


Children may only show mild symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) and may even seem well enough to attend school. However, to protect their classmates and staff, we ask if your child does display symptoms to please not send them into school. 


We would encourage parents to have their child tested if they think they may be showing symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Information on symptoms and testing is available at 


For more information around schools reopening in Barnsley visit